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How to correctly select, use and maintain safety shoes?
Click:Release date:2023/10/17
1. Safety shoes belong to special labor protection articles. Please be sure to choose safety shoes that meet or exceed the requirements of national standards, and pay attention to consult the certificates of safety shoe manufacturers. They must be products that have obtained La safety mark certificate of special labor protection articles, QS industrial product production license, and preferably have been recorded in the provincial safety bureau. Of course, excellent quality, good user reputation, novel styles, and relatively low prices are also things we need to consider.
2. Suitable safety shoes must be selected according to the specific conditions of the working environment. Understand our protection needs and choose the most suitable safety shoes instead of the most functional safety shoes. At the same time, pay attention to understand the common sense of safety shoes, and do not mix or use the wrong anti-static shoes and electrically insulated shoes.
3. On the premise of meeting the protection needs, choose more comfortable safety shoes, and formulate relevant regulations to let all employees wear safety shoes actively and correctly.
4. In order to ensure the continuous and effective protective performance of safety shoes and effectively ensure foot health, we need to correctly maintain safety shoes. First of all, we must not modify the structure of safety shoes without authorization, such as punching, digging holes, etc; Regularly check the integrity of all parts of safety shoes, such as zippers, shoelaces, insoles, etc; Moreover, safety shoes should be cleaned and maintained in time after wearing them, such as cleaning dust, oiling and waxing the upper, but do not wash them with water directly or expose them to the sun; It is best not to wear safety shoes barefoot, wear safety shoes in the way of slippers, or do not tie shoes when wearing safety shoes. Of course, it is also necessary to store safety shoes in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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