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What kind of safety shoes do construction workers need?
Click:Release date:2023/10/17
In the construction process of construction, decoration and other industries, objects often fall or sharp objects such as nails and steel bars are scattered on the ground. If you don't pay attention to safety protection, toes will be damaged or soles of feet will be stabbed. According to the requirements of the standard for the allocation and use of labor protection articles for construction operations, different types of construction work should be equipped with different safety shoes, as follows:
1. Scaffolders, tower crane operators, lifting workers and plasterers should be equipped with anti-skid safety shoes.
2. Maintenance electricians should be equipped with electrically insulated shoes.
3. Electric welders and gas welders should be equipped with safety shoes to protect toes and prevent puncture.
4. Boiler workers, pressure vessel installers, pipe installers, bricklayers, masonry workers, reinforcement workers, stonecutters, and furnace builders should be equipped with toe protection safety shoes, preferably multifunctional safety shoes with toe protection and puncture prevention functions. 5. Painters and waterproof workers should be equipped with anti-static safety shoes.
6. Grinders and concreters should be equipped with insulating rubber boots.

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