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Manufacturing and testing standards of waterproof safety shoes in Europe and America
Click:Release date:2023/10/17
1. All waterproof shoes must be waterproof to the lowest first eye. (Figure)
2. All waterproof shoes (including waterproof shoes with injection structure) must use full waterproof hosiery, and there must also be waterproof membrane hosiery under the insole and above the midsole. Waterproof shoes that directly shoot out are no exception (refer to the picture). Waterproof hosiery must use the following materials: 22 mm wide hydrogenuard waterproof strip; Wave lining (or Titan lining) + 2mm foam +hydroguard waterproof membrane +tricot
3. The waterproof hosiery must extend to the top of the tongue wing of the shoe or 5mm above the waterproof line shown in the above figure
4. Each waterproof sock must be placed in the sink for inflation test. Hosiery found leaking cannot be used
5. The vehicle line with water line at or below the water line must be sealed with waterproof glue or waterproof strip to prevent wet steam from penetrating from the pinhole. The waterproof strip must be covered with a layer of hot melt adhesive.
6. When sealing the car line, the waterproof glue must be applied twice. Before applying the second time, it must be ensured that the waterproof glue for the first time has been completely dry,
7. Do not use cotton needle thread.
8. Nylon wire or wire coated with waterproof material shall be used for the car line located at or below the waterline to prevent moisture from penetrating the shoes along the car line
9. Try to use the tongue design of gusset structure to prevent moisture from penetrating into the shoe from around the tongue
10. At or below the waterline, the design of train route should be minimized
11. Try to reduce the car line at the zigzag part of the shoes to prevent the waterproof glue or waterproof strip from breaking when wearing, resulting in water seepage
12. Unless otherwise indicated, all waterproof shoes must use waterproof leather or textiles treated with durable anti splash agent, except duck boots
13. The surface plate at the toe cap and heel should be designed with landscape teeth to prevent excessive wrinkles after lasting. These wrinkles must be polished when forming. For waterproof shoes with cold adhesive structure, be sure to use PU glue to lasting and sticking the bottom.
14. The factory should conduct waterproof test on the finished shoes every day to ensure that the products meet the waterproof test standards of guests.
15. All vamp leather materials used below the waterline must pass the waterproof test I and be bent 15000 times in the Maeser waterproof zigzag tester
16. Textile materials for vamp must be treated with durability and anti splashing.
17. The sewing thread and the inner lining with waterproof membrane must be tested for waterproof performance.
18. 100% of the completed waterproof hosiery can ensure better waterproof performance.
19. In the whole production process, especially in the needle car workshop, avoid sharp objects from damaging the waterproof membrane.
20. The waterproof glue needs to be coated at least twice (the stitched part must be knocked firmly and smoothly after each gluing is completed)
21. If the vamp joint is composed of materials that cannot be directly bonded by waterproof glue, such as oily leather, PVC, EVA, nylon, etc., you must wash the potion first Different material combinations will increase the difficulty of waterproof treatment in the needle car workshop, which should be avoided if possible.
22. If the vamp parts have lining cloth, the lining cloth should be left 5mm away from the edge to prevent wet steam from being sucked from the lining.
23. Try to use an anti splash midsole or cover it with a layer of Waterproof PVC material.
24. Waterproof shoes can only be produced in factories approved by Wal Mart.
Note: the water level of static immersion test is below the lowest first eyelet.

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